Does acid reflux cause heartburns?


To understand acid reflux in layman’s language it is the rift which takes place between the throat and the stomach. Every food that tastes good generally motivates you to eat more. Once you eat more the food needs to be digested by your stomach. The tasty food which the tongue readily accepts passes through the throat and then starts the problem.


The most common symptom when someone has acid reflux is heartburn.


Whether it is GERD or GORD it does create heartburn. Apart from heartburn, symptoms of respiratory problems such as bronchitis and throat infections are prominent. Patients who have symptoms which recur periodically need to go in for an EGD.


Heartburns should not be taken easy which will lead to chronic GERD which becomes even more complex to be treated. Generally patients resort to sleeping with the upper portion of the body on high rise pillows to gain comfort. While this will no doubt give immediate relief by not permitting the acid from the stomach to retract upwards it is advised to take small intake of food in frequent intervals rather than large meals.


Another very important manner in which you can reduce the risk of acid reflux is by wearing loose clothes and avoiding tight clothes around the stomach.