Reasons for acid reflux


Many of the adults today are suffering from acid reflux and people do not consider it as a serious problem. Studies say that if you neglect to take care of this problem, it may result in damaging your esophagus which causes many more serious health issues. The main reasons for acid reflux are eating large meals, lying down immediately after a meal, improper weight, eating spicy foods etc. Many of the bad habits like drinking alcohol, smoking etc., may also cause acid reflux.


There are many medicines like antacids for acid reflux and even if they don’t work, you need to consult a physician immediately to avoid any further health issues as the physicians would prescribe a good medication to overcome the problem. Acid reflux also causes heart burn. Not only adults, but the infants too are facing with this problem and their problem needs to be treated as per the severity.


However, it is a common symptom in babies for their first months and it automatically disappears as they grow. Sometimes, the problem of acid reflux in infants can affect their muscles or brain. And in the older children, the reasons could be the same as in adults.